After two day of stop due to difficult weather conditions (and the snow at the place of take off, “Monte Valinis”), at 4pm the race direction authorized the start of the second task of the Spring Meeting, with two different lengths by the class: 40km for Class1 and Class 5, 15km for Sport Class.
During the morning, schoolboys of “Istituto Tecnico Professionale Flora di Pordenone” visited the headquarters and in the afternoon more younger child appreciate excited the landings in Travesio.
The task of today has been studied considering the weather conditions, with a sort of bounce between the turnpoints to permit the people to see the pilots flying in Travesio before the final landing.
Some high clouds hid the few sun rays, forcing pilots to not fly in the minimum snap trajectory but near the mountains, to try to find out some thermals. The leading group, made at about half task by Italians Ciech (second in the 1st task) and Moroder and by German Primoz Gricar (winner of this 2nd task), flew at about 1040m at 40 km/h.
One of the first pilot in goal was German Tim Grabowski (World Champion for two times) who won the task reserved to Class 5 with rigid wings. “It’s a great satisfaction having won today “– said Grabowski- “ I flew since I was young and you never stop to learn and also today it happened. Congratulations to the organizer committee because all is perfect, I really hope to fly also tomorrow to increase the knowledge before the World Championship in July”.
These are the first three classified of Class 1: Primoz Gricar (Aeros Combat) in 1h 11’ 30’’; Christian Ciech (Icaro Laminar) who repeated the result of task 1 and Anton Moroder (Icaro Laminar).
In Class 5, the winner is  Tim Grabowski and the podium is made by all German pilots, Jochen Zeyher and Norbert Kirchner, all together on A-I-R Atos.
Finally, the Class Sport has been won by Swiss Fransisco Munoz Garcia (Icaro Orbiter) who preceded Swedish  Jan Dersjoe (Wills Wing U2) and Italian Andrea Fusi (Icaro Orbiter).
Tomorrow, for the last day of this edition, the day should be flyable so the pilot briefing will be in the early morning in Travesio.
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