The sun has been finally the main character of the Spring Meeting 2019, giving pilots the chance to fly for 142 km (for Class 5 – rigid wings), 128 km for Class 1 and 45,6 km for the Class Sport.
The take off window opened in the late morning and the race started from Monte Valinis from 12.30pm; the task of today has been scheduled with five turnpoints from Piancavallo to Gemona del Frilu, with different parameters for each category.
In the Class 5, Tim Grabowski (winner of yesterday) and the Italian Federico Baratto, immediately took the leading of the race, but the German had a problem to the coordinates reference instrument and arrived fourth (winning then the overall classification); in the Class 1, Italians Alex Ploner and Christian Ciech on Icaro Laminar followed by Slovenian Matjaz Klemencic (Red Bull)  and the winner of task 1, Peter Neuenschwander. Also Suan Selenati and Flyve’s top pilot Marco Laurenzi tried to stay in the front of the race, made a leading group of about seven pilots.
In the Sport Class, after the first kms we had a battle between italians Caresi, Belli e Fusi and the winner of yesterday, Swiss Munoz Garcia (Icaro Orbiter).
All the pilots preferred also today to follow the mountains, to find out the best thermals: so, this decision has been the best, giving them altitude and speed to try to be the best in the competition.
At the landing of Travesio, at the presence of lot of people and kids due to the beautiful sunny day, the first pilots arrived were Italian Federico Boratto (second in the overall classifcation) on A-I-R Atos; second at 26’’ Austrian Andreas Sand. Third (also in the overall classification) Italian Konrad Baumgartner, on A-I-R Atos.
In the Class 1, after a straight dual, Italian Christian Ciech won after two second places at this Spring Meeting. Second Alessandro Ploner, other strong Italian pilot and third German Peter Neuenschwander, winner of the first task and this is also the podium of the overall classification. Fourth the local Suan Selenati, who closes in his best way this race.
Finally, for the Class Sport, this is today’s task podium: first Luca Belli (Icaro Mastr), second  Andrea Fusi (Icaro Orbiter) and third Duch Otto Philipse (Icaro Mastr) and as happened for Class 1, this is the also the podium of the overall classification. Fourth of today’s task another Italian, Fabio Caresi, who completed a great task for Italian colours.
Russian Sasha Serebrennikova has been instead the best women in the competition.

Following the podiums of each class (overall classification after task 3).

Class 1 (flex wings):
1) Christian Ciech (ITA) on Icaro Laminar with 1982pt-
2) Alessandro Ploner (ITA) on Icaro Laminar with 1925pt
3) Peter Neuenschwander (SUI) on Aeros Combat with 1920 pt

Class 5 (rigid wings):
1) Tim Grabowski (GER) on A-I-R Atos with 1612pt
2) Federico Baratto (ITA) on A-I-R Atos with 1421pt
3) Konrad Baumgartner (ITA) on A-I-R Atos with 1371pt

Class Sport
1) Luca Belli (ITA) on Icaro Mastr with 776pt
2) Andrea Fusi (ITA) on Icaro Orbiter with 611pt
3) Otto Philipse (NED) on Icaro Mastr with 497pt

All the classifications are available at the link: AIR TRIBUNE CLASSIFICATIONS

Stay tuned on Facebook and have a look at the official website Spring Meeting to the last updates of this wonderful Spring Meeting 2019 and we remember that the World Hang Gliding Championship will take place in Tolmezzo (UD) from 13rd to 27th July organised, as in this case, by Flyve, AeC Lega Piloti and AeroClub Italia.