130 pilots ready to fly at 3rd edition of the Spring Meeting

This will be the final stage before the XXII Hang Gliding World Championship: Travesio (PN) is ready to host from today to 1st May the 3rd edition of the “Spring Meeting”, the FAI 2 International hang gliding race.

This is one of the youngest FAI2 race, but the numbers are so promosing: 130 pilots from 22 different countries are ready to fight, a success for Flyve, AeroClub Italia and AeroClub Lega Piloti, organizers of the event.

“We’re ready for this adventure – says Bernardo Gasparini of Flyve – and we want to say many thanks to all those who made it possible and that are working hard for the World Championship. We can’t forget also Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, Promo Turismo FVG, all the towns interested and sponsors. We’ll live beautiful fly days and we know that for us it’ll be so important to check every detail to make the event as best as we can, especially thinking at July”.

At the opening ceremony were present Marino Titolo (Travesio’s Councillor) and Oreste Vanin (Major of Meduno), that highlighted the importance of the event for the territory and the tourism. And to offer the best service to all the people, two lives are scheduled on the Facebook official page “Spring Meeting”, where you will be able to follow pilots by live tracking GPS system. For all the times, please refer to Facebook or to press releases.

One of the favourite for the final victory is Marco Laurenzi, official pilot of Flyve and of the Italian Hang Gliding National Team, coming from a wonderful 2nd place in Slovenia at the Aeros Winter Race in Slovenia:  “I know these skyes but I also the skills of the other pilots. This is the final training for us before the World Championship, so I’m really concerned because I’d want to understand as more as possible about the weather conditions and all of other important details. I’ll do my best here and I’d like to say to the people to come to Travesio for landings or at Monte Valinis for takes off, because it’s wonderful to see 130 hang gliding in the sky.”

As noted above, please stay tuned and keep update at the official Facebook page “Spring Meeting” and at the official website www.springmeeting.it